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At REVOLUTION FORMULA CARS we build and supply all the parts to keep your CITATION at the front of the field. From replacement parts and body work to full car kits, we can help you with any of your needs


REVOLUTION FORMULA CARS is now building the EVOLUTION formula first race car. This is one of the first purpose-built formula first cars designed at Campbell motorsports. Building a car from the ground up, Larry Campbell and his team created one of the best formula first cars on the track. At REVOLUTION FORMULA CARS we are committed to keep the EVO in victory lane. call us for anything that you may need.


The XTC-41 car is a hybrid design using the tried and true forward section of the CITATION and the more aerodynamic rear suspension of the LAZER creating the best of both worlds design. the car is 1 inch lower than the standard CITATION and has the more aerodynamic leading trailing arms design. The XTC-41 continues to be a competitive car in both regional and national races. we will continue to supply the best parts and services to keep your XTC-41 at its best


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history of the cars

Formula first Evolution

 For over 20 years, Campbell Motorsport has been the constructor of two popular and successful Formula Vee cars, the Lazer and the Citation.   Campbell Motorsport got involved with the concept and development of Formula First from its earliest moments. The decision was made to design, construct and develop a new car for the class, called the Evolution. The prototype was on the race track by July of 2004. The prototype and the first production model were tested for over 2 years before any cars were manufactured.  Today, the Campbell Motorsport Evolution is one of the most popular and successful production Formula Firsts on the market. The Evolution is available in many stages of completion from a simple "constructor's kit" up to a turnkey, ready-to-go race car.  

Formula vee Citation

The CITATION/ ZINK Formula Vee can trace its ancestry back to the 60's and the early days of FV. Ed Zink was there at the beginning and cars bearing his name carried drivers to many National Championships, a truly impressive record spanning 3 decades. Citation Engineering began building Zink Formula Vees in 1978. Prior to 1978, it sold and serviced various Zink models. The long association of Ed Zink and Steve Lathrop of Citation Engineering resulted in the current CITATION/ ZINK FV, an evolution of the Zink Z-18. Many of the unique Zink features were combined with the new ideas from engineer Lathrop to produce this car.  Scott Rubenzer, who drove the original car of this latest design, finished first in the car's first race. In 1985, Scott was FV National Champion. The victories continued over the years at both the Regional and National levels, in all divisions.   Campbell Motorsport purchased the Formula Vee project from Citation Engineering in February, 1992. Campbell Motorsport builds the Citation along with the Lazer FV, and the Evolution Formula First. With the help of many people along the way, the Citation has continued to evolve and improve. Bodywork changes, exhaust system improvements, and current shock absorber technology have kept the already excellent car among the finest, best handling, and fastest in class. It has successfully accommodated drivers of many sizes and weights, often at or near minimum class weight.   The Citation is a proven package that has been successful in all divisions in the hands of many drivers. It has quietly continued to evolve and win races at both regional and national level.    

Formula vee XTC41

The XTC-41 Formula Vee was born from long conversations on a Saturday night, after qualifying.  All the "What if's?", "What do you think?", "Could we move this?", the many things racers think and talk about in their quest for the perfect racecar. We took the main components of the Citation forward of the rear roll bar with its many great features and the Lazer's rear suspension and combined them for a hybrid FV called the XTC-41. Many had been asking for a leading-arm Citation but we took it several steps further by adding many other features besides leading arms.   As with so many of my projects, I had a lot of help along the way. Mike Beaumia assembled the first car from the components I made. He drove the car and tested it for 2 years before we made any production models. Other XTC-41 owners have given me complete and frequent updates from their racing and testing to help make this car a winner.